CN 23 EMS label

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A new label, CN23 EMS (below) is available from 1 January 2015 to speed up customs processing and delivery of international express items.

If you are sending an EMS item internationally you will be asked to complete the following:

Field number Description
Your details?  
4 Full name of the sender
5 Street address of the sender
6 Postcode of the sender
7 City of the sender
8 Country of the sender (pre-printed)
9 Contact number of the sender (optional)
10 E-mail address of the sender (optional)
11 Full name of the addressee
12 Street address of the addressee
13 Postcode of the addressee
14 City of the addressee
15 Country of the addressee
16 Contact number of the addressee (optional)
17 E-mail address of the addressee (optional)
18 Detailed description of each article in the item
19 Quantity of each article and the unit of measurement used
20 Net weight of each article (in kg) - Mandatory
21 Total weight of the item (in kg)
22 Value of each article, indicating the currency used (e.g. CHF for Swiss francs) – Mandatory
23 Total value of the item, indicating the currency used (e.g. CHF for Swiss francs)
24 HS tariff number (6-digit) based on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System developed by the World Customs Organization
25 Country where the goods originated, i.e. were produced/manufactured or assembled. Senders of commercial items are advised to supply this information as it will assist Customs in processing the items
26 Category of the item (gift, documents, commercial sample, returned goods, etc.) and explanation – Mandatory
27 Details if the contents are subject to quarantine (plant, animal, food products, etc.) or other restrictions
28 Number of licence if item is accompanied by a licence
29 Number of certificate (if item is accompanied by a certificate)
30 Number of invoice for all commercial items accompanied by an invoice
31 Signature and date