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Postal innovation in the modern world

In this modern world, Emirates Post Group (EPG) has adapted itself to the fast moving economy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As the UAE’s Postal Authority, Emirates Post Group has invested in the latest technology and process automation tools to offer 24/7 postal services, including Express mail, to the public. 
UAE’s diverse population is constantly on the move so the traditional approach of visiting the post offices is outdated. Customers now want easy access to services at their convenience using smart devices. EPG has invested in developing secure postal services available in the pocket or a handbag of a customer in the form of Smart Services.
EPG has ensured that its services are secure and available for the public to use. Cost benefit measures have been taken to ensure that EPG’s postal services reach the masses. In addition to the provision of mobile applications for iOS and Android, EPG has enabled website responsiveness which can cater for non-iOS and non-Android device users. 
Popular services
Two most popular postal services of EPG are mail track & trace and mail rate calculator.
The mail track & trace service, particularly useful for international express mail customers, has been designed to make it user-friendly and available on the desktop web and mobile platforms. In addition to mail status information, this service offers graphical representation of the mail flow: as a map showing mail flow from the origin, stop-over locations and the destination.
Instead of waiting visiting the post office and wait in the queue, customers can use an online service to calculate the rate of sending a mail item locally or internationally. Variety of shipment options are available against which a customer can pre-register for sending a particular mail item. This mail pre-registration service provides customers to specify the details of the destination, address of the sender and receiver. A unique reference code is generated and forwarded to the customer via text message and email message. 
The rent post box service allows customers to rent pobox of their choice without having to visit the post office. The same applies for the renew pobox service. Online documents uploading, 3D secure payment gateway has enabled an easy to use service for the customers. The uniqueness of the e-POBOX service provides a means of virtually accessing their mail items by registering online. 
In addition to the above services, EPG has introduced the following:
  1. Suppliers Profile Management
  2. Postal / Courier Licensing Registration and Renewal Service
  3. Bulk Mail Request Service for Corporate
  4. Online Invoicing for Contract Customers
  5. Post Office Locations
  6. 24/7 Customer Survey Service.
Upcoming Postal Smart Innovations
A next generation customer experience platform will be implemented to support customers who will be using EPG’s postal services. A multilingual, smart web chat service will be introduced on the website which will offer assistance to users who are browsing the website for more than 10 minutes. 
The current e-Services infrastructure is currently being upgraded to support a new third language. This third language will be offered on the website, mobile application and the IVR. In addition to the text being in the third language, all input fields will accept data in the third language.
The e-POBOX service will be a state of the art, smart service for pobox and non-pobox customers. It is in reality a virtual postal address. Features include virtual address to a physical pobox, electronic utility statements, bank statements and any document that the customer may wish to receive electronically in their e-POBOX. An enterprise-wide smart and secure e-Storage service will be implemented to store documents and statements of customers which their can access and retrieve any time of the day and anywhere in the world.
In addition to “locate nearest post office service”, EPG will introduce drop box / street box locations for the customers. They will be able to locate the nearest street box and benefit from easy access.
The e-Commerce portal allows the public to safely purchase postal and non-postal services. Customers may choose to personalize e-Stamps which will be delivered to their address via EMS or courier services. In addition to philatelic items, EPG will offer the sale and personalization features of prints such as greeting cards, post cards, calendars, flyer and brochures. 
Emirates Post Group continues to strive to reach to customers’ expectations and their service satisfaction and acceptance is the main goal. Innovative and smart postal services are continuously being introduced and these are the next generation postal services in the modern world.

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