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EMS network ready for seasonal surge

United States Postal Service

At this time of the year, more customers are changing their shopping habits and purchasing using e-commerce. This has led to a huge increase in demand for EMS around the world.
As well as the usual seasonal peak, there are further specific shopping events such as ’Singles Day’ or ‘Black Friday’. Already volume records have been smashed: China Post has estimated that November’s Singles Day would generate a 40% rise in volume: 760 million packages in 2015, compared to 540 million in 2014.*
For many Posts the busiest times will come in December when they work hard to ensure that gifts reach friends and loved ones in time for holiday celebrations.  
EMS members are working hard to meet the seasonal surge in deliveries. To ensure that items are delivered on time, many Posts hire temporary workers; introduce extra delivery slots; offer more convenience-based delivery solutions and strengthen transport capacity. Our network of over 190 countries offer EMS as a priority express service and are dedicated to meet e-commerce demands by delivering a reliable international service. 

* According to research conducted by CEP

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10 December 2015

Drive to improve EMS network excellence globally

EMS Workshop 2015

2015 has been one of the busiest years for the EMS Cooperative as opportunities in the global cross-border package delivery market have seen a renewed focus from members to improve EMS network excellence, providing a platform for EMS growth of 22% in 2015 year to date over the same period last year.
EMS member management have shown their commitment to the EMS service by attending events around the world. During 2015 there have been five symposia for senior managers, 12 workshops, and eight performance reviews.
Over 219 senior managers have contributed to the five EMS cross-border e-commerce symposia in 2015 hosted for the Africa, Arab, Asia-Pacific, Americas & the Caribbean, and Europe regions. Positive member feedback has shown that participants are eager to continue the series. In 2016, three further EMS symposia for senior management are already being planned focused on market development strategies: Europe in April, the Caribbean in May, and Asia-Pacific in June.
As well as the high-level symposia, the EMS Cooperative have also participated in twelve workshops in 2015, involving 228 participants from all regions. Finally, by the end of 2015 eight EMS performance reviews will have been completed to support Jordan, Macedonia, Ethiopia, Turkey, Mauritania, Qatar, Beijing and Shanghai, China.
23 November 2015

Consensus on EMS market development strategies 

EMS Workshop 2015

EMS Cooperative members met in Berne on 19-20 October for the annual workshop to discuss market development strategies in order to grow the EMS business.  
The workshop was kicked-off by Joost Magielsen from Post NL, who presented the views of Holland at Home, a successful e-commerce cross-border EMS customer. Holland at Home’s wish list is for EMS members to offer date-certain reliability, delivery flexibility and one global track and trace website which is aligned with the Future of EMS strategy.  
Highlights of the workshop included in-depth presentations on target industry strategies; trade lane market know-how and pricing strategies which dispelled the myth of competitor's customer discounts of up to 80%, by revealing the hidden charges in integrators’ pricing schemes. In short, knowledge is power in executing go-to-market strategies.  
The results of interactive break-out sessions revealed member consensus on market development priorities for the EMS Cooperative in performance reliability, product positioning and pricing.
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6 November 2015

Posta Kenya partners with e-commerce retailer Jumia Kenya

Posta Kenya and Jumia Kenya

In May, the Postal Corporation of Kenya, Posta Kenya, partnered with Jumia Kenya to convey, deliver, and collect cash for goods purchased online. Jumia is a Kenyan one-stop online e-commerce platform retailer for hi-tech goods ranging from electronics, fashion, apparel and home accessories. 
Kenya’s EMS Courier has been authorized to return partially delivered/rejected items from customers to Jumia’s warehouse in Nairobi, Kenya. EMS also offers Jumia pick-up services as an option for door-to-door delivery of goods purchased from its online platform, and collection of cash for purchased goods on Posta Kenya's PostaPay platform upon collection of goods by customers across the county.
Kenya’s growing middle-class and tech-savvy young professionals mean that there is great e-commerce potential in Kenya. E-commerce is quickly gathering pace in Kenya, riding on widespread mobile money transfer services and the growing number of Smartphone Users. 
The partnership will help Jumia bring services closer to customers through the vast network of Kenyan Post Offices countrywide. The move will also boost e-commerce uptake in the country which is growing by double digits. Being in partnership with Jumia will give Posta Kenya an opportunity to be recognized as a major player in the e-commerce market. 
21 October 2015

Unanimous agreement of European e-commerce declaration

Europe EMS symposium

In September, an EMS cross-border e-commerce symposium for senior management of the European Region was held in Amsterdam, hosted by PostNL. 
E-commerce is the fastest growing retail market in Europe and Posts have become heavily involved in this line of business, particularly through EMS. Europe B2C e-commerce sales are expected to reach €450 billion by 2017.

The needs of e-commerce customers using express was discussed at the event, a highly successful e-retailer explained that he wants EMS to offer: ‘real-time track and trace, global track and trace available to customers in all languages, recall and re-routing parcels before final delivery, cash on delivery, and day definite delivery’. Participants shared EMS market updates and the work being done to enhance their EMS services to meet e-commerce customer needs.

Discussions on strategies required to meet customer needs was the goal of the symposium and the commitment of the participants was demonstrated through the unanimous agreement of the Amsterdam Declaration on EMS Cross-border E-Commerce principles.

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9 October 2015

Award winning Fast Track EMS Customs Clearance in Slovenia

Cross-border e-shoppers expect goods to be delivered in the shortest time possible and require delivery information while the shipment is in transit.

To address this, in 2014, Slovenia Post introduced a new integrated approach to customs clearance. They changed the existing processes through the application of real time software that allowed the automation of postal and customs operations through direct connection with Slovenia Post's system and that of the Customs office.

The software was introduced to handle both the increase in volumes and greater customer demands for quality and convenience. Slovenia Post's work has been recognised and the software was rewarded with the 2014 Postal Technology Award in the category Digital Communication Innovation of the Year.

The use of the new system delivers a significant increase in speed, greater visibility and considerably enhances the quality of EMS service. A special registration portal for customers allows pre-arrival and pre-departure information on shipments entering or leaving the country that are subject to customs control. Registered recipients are informed online about any missing information, the status of their shipment etc. It is convenient: allowing 24/7 access to upload invoices and any other missing documents. 

Since its launch, this new tool has proved to be very popular with Slovenia Post's customers, allowing them to benefit from a swifter and more predicable item delivery.  

25 September 2015

Reports help members achieve EMS performance goals

Reports training participants

Members of the EMS Cooperative have exclusive access to a suite of performance reports which can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses, providing an opportunity to optimise delivery performance for express mail customers. 

In September, over 60 EMS managers from 45 countries travelled to UPU headquarters in Berne, Switzerland, to take part in a groundbreaking new EMS Cooperative workshop on performance reporting. Yet more members participated by accessing the event online.

The highly interactive event included presentations from EMS Unit experts focused on a new technical standard of data transmission and all aspects of EMS performance reporting. Breakout groups then enabled participants to work on practical exercises to reinforce the content from the training.
The workshop was very successful, inspiring participants around the world to use their new knowledge to fully understand how reports data can be used to analyse EMS performance and thus ultimately identify areas for improvements to their EMS service. 
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10 September 2015

EMS e-commerce symposium for the Americas and Caribbean 

Brazil EMS symposium

Posts, particularly EMS, are taking advantage of the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce. According to Forrester Research, worldwide online buying behaviour currently adds up to more than one trillion USD in sales/year, which is forecast to nearly double in the next four years. 
The latest EMS symposium focussed on profitability and growth opportunities resulting from a surge in EMS through e-commerce in the Americas and Caribbean. Forrester Research reports that 64% of Latin American and Caribbean consumers regularly buy online, and between 10% and 50% of those consumers make all of their monthly purchases via the Internet. The region's e-shopping trends are largely influenced by demand for products from U.S. online merchants. 
EMS is a market-ready solution for e-commerce customers. In August, senior managers from 19 UPU designated operators met in Brasília, Brazil for the 2015 EMS cross-border e-commerce symposium for the Americas and the Caribbean region. The focus of the symposium was to discuss regional market developments and the strategies required to meet customer needs, particularly for the e-commerce marketplace, in order to ensure sustainable, profitable growth. Participants shared best EMS service performance; customs clearance practices and market successes in growing volume. 
All attendees agreed to the Brasília Declaration on EMS Cross-border E-Commerce in the Americas and the Caribbean Region, a commitment to ensure e-commerce readiness by reaching EMS service performance targets through the implementation of EMS standards, Pay-for-performance and adoption of customs and transport framework agreements and best practices. 
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28 August 2015

Korea Post’s EMS innovation responds to customers' needs

Korea Post EMS onepack

Korea Post has made various efforts to boost EMS sales, continuously introducing new services and enhancing network quality. Coupled with the emerging e-commerce market and the popularity of Korean pop culture, these efforts have led to a steady increase in EMS sales by over 10% every year, including a 12.7% increase in 2014.

Since 2009, Korea Post has ranked No. 1 in the domestic market in terms of market share, despite fierce competition from international couriers. This achievement is attributable to Korea Post's highly-effective service price structure and a reliable nationwide post office network compared to their global competitors whose branches are mostly located only in major cities. In addition, Korea Post's efficient dispatch & delivery system enables all the outbound items posted from any post office in Korea to be dispatched in just a day.

Korea Post has been leading the market by introducing new services and features for service quality improvement. For example, Korea Post's EMS volume to China in 2014 recorded a year-on-year surge of 64%; with the expansion of direct routes to China through two additional lines to Xi'an and Chengdu. Korea Post also initiated a Korea-China Sea Express Service, currently being piloted with an aim to be fully launched next year. This new service is designed to help the competitiveness of domestic export companies by saving shipping and logistics costs through surface transportation between Korea and China.

In addition, in July 2015, Korea Post launched the EMS Onepack Service in response to the growing e-commerce market. Under the new service, overseas customers who purchase items from Korean online shopping malls can receive a collective EMS "onepack," which saves delivery charges on the customer side.

On top of these practices, Korea Post has more future initiatives and plans for product development and innovations to meet customer needs, such as an e-commerce specialized Light EMS service for low-weight items, express services for high-weight items, and international logistics services for cross-border trades.

14 August 2015

Emirates Post Group: postal innovation in the modern world 

In this modern world, Emirates Post Group (EPG) has adapted itself to the fast moving economy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As the UAE’s Postal Authority, Emirates Post Group has invested in the latest technology and process automation tools to offer 24/7 postal services, including Express mail, to the public. 
UAE’s diverse population is constantly on the move so the traditional approach of visiting the post offices is outdated. Customers now want easy access to services at their convenience using smart devices. EPG has invested in developing secure postal services available in the pocket or a handbag of a customer in the form of Smart Services.
In addition to the provision of mobile applications for iOS and Android, EPG has enabled website responsiveness which can cater for non-iOS and non-Android device users. Mail track & trace is a popular service, allowing users to easily track and trace their mail items using EPG’s website and mobile applications, particularly useful for international express mail customers. An online service to calculate the rate of sending a mail item locally or internationally is also popular with customers. 
Smart postal services are continuously being introduced and new innovations in development include, a multilingual, smart web chat service, drop box / street box locations, e-Commerce portal and e-POBOX service as the next generation of modern postal services.
As a member of the EMS Cooperative, Emirates Post Group continues to strive to reach to customers’ expectations as their service satisfaction and acceptance is the main goal.
31 July 2015

EMS benefiting from demand for e-commerce 

EMS Fiji EMS deliveryEMS volumes are going up: the initial trend for EMS export volumes in the first quarter of 2015 is in double-digits as Asia, the Arab region and Europe are driving global growth. 

This remarkable growth was anticipated in a recent market intelligence report prepared exclusively for the EMS Cooperative by the Colography Group, which showed that due to e-commerce, the global economic demand outlook in 2015 for EMS is favourable. E-commerce is changing the EMS market: shipments are lighter, deferred air transport is growing, tracking is a commodity, and customers are demanding cost transparency and are becoming more price-sensitive. 
EMS competes with integrators’ international economy services which have increased in price to improve profitability. Posts which offer faster and a more convenient EMS service are able to charge higher selling prices. 
Growth in market share in select EMS Cooperative member markets is positively correlated with Posts’ offering their customers the features that they want, such as: date-certain delivery; tracking and delivery flexibility; electronic delivery notification; collection on delivery service; ‘try-on’ at delivery of clothing and a return service. 
There are barriers to cross border e-commerce but EMS members are adapting their product and so are growing the service.
17 July 2015

Outstanding growth for EMS in Asia

EMS Asia Pacific SymposiumThe market situation in Asia Pacific is providing Posts with a huge opportunity to respond to the needs of their customers, reflected in the outstanding growth of EMS in Asia: now accounting for 70% of global export volume. With more than 4.5 billion people, the region has over 60% of the world’s population. Over 50% of trade in Asia is intra-regional; a growing middle-class is increasing its use of cross-border e-commerce from thriving small and medium-size merchants.

In June, senior managers from 17 UPU designated operators gathered in Bangkok, Thailand for the 2015 EMS E-Commerce Symposium for the Asia-Pacific region. As EMS is a market-ready solution for e-commerce customers, the focus of the symposium was on the increasingly competitive situation in Asia for international cross-border merchandise delivery and the strategies required to further grow EMS in the region.

Participants shared best EMS service performance; customs clearance practices and market successes in growing volume. E.g. Korea is the market leader with EMS taking a 37% share of the Korean export market which grew by 13% in 2014 while Japan Post reports an estimated 30% share of the export market with EMS volume growth of 26% in 2014 and forecast to grow by over 40% in 2015.

All attendees agreed to the Bangkok Declaration on EMS Cross-border E-Commerce in the Asia-Pacific Region, a commitment to ensure e-commerce readiness by reaching EMS service performance targets through the implementation of EMS standards, Pay-for-performance and adoption of customs and transport framework agreements and best practices. Senior management from the Posts left the Symposium energized and motivated to adopt best practices and ultimately increase the Posts’ share of this growing market.

3 July 2015


30% year-on-year growth in EMS volume for Japan Post

Japan Post has been working hard to increase EMS volumes though sales promotion and better operations. Since the start of 2012, outbound EMS volume has been growing and overall there is a 30% year-on-year growth in international EMS. 

There has been a renewed focus on sales promotion. All major cities in Japan have sales branches where specialist staff contact customers on a daily basis, focusing especially on target customers. Customers are provided with support tools useful for e-commerce, specifically for printing labels and invoices online. In cooperation with e-commerce sellers, such as eBay and Rakuten, Japan Post holds e-commerce seminars to educate small-and medium-sized enterprises as well as individual customers on how to make the most effective use of the international postal service, including EMS, for their business. 
Japan Post has responded to customer needs with the introduction of 'Cool EMS' in 2013. This innovation allows customers to send fresh foods using special temperature controlled boxes (0 – 10 ˚C for chilled and below 15 ˚C for frozen items) to Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and, new for 2015, France. There are plans to expand the Cool EMS service to other destinations based on demand and agreement with partner Posts.  
With this volume increase, there has also been a focus on customer care. All customers want to send their items with tracking data and expected delivery dates. Japan Post’s call centre staff work hard to respond to customers’ inquiries and their efforts were appreciated by EMS Cooperative members, as a recipient of the 2014 EMS customer care award .
Japan Post’s focus on maintaining high performance, sales promotions and innovation have all contributed to the success of EMS in Japan.  
22 June 2015

Brazilian customers choose EMS for international exports

More and more customers in Brazil are opting to use EMS for their international express deliveries.

In 2014, EMS was Correios do Brasil’s flagship product in its international sales campaign, and this well-deserved promotion enabled the service to account for 54% of the Post's export revenues.

The international express mail service is now the most popular service for commercial exports. Over 49% of the volume generated by Brazil’s Exporta Fácil in 2014 used the EMS network for delivery in the country of destination.

EMS connects Brazil to over 130 countries worldwide and is the main international mail service for documents and merchandise. Customers can send EMS items from any of the Brazilian Post’s branches, spread across all 5,570 Brazilian towns and cities, or they can take advantage of the Post’s pick-up service.

EMS is competing directly with large logistics operators. Sales staff work to promote EMS and the service offered enables Correios do Brasil to compete with other express services offered by the large players in the Brazilian market. Correios do Brasil continues to promote EMS and the service is showcased on posters, in TV commercials, and in newspaper and magazine adverts. For further information (in Portuguese):

6 June 2015

Annual awards recognize excellent EMS operators 

EMS award winners

Eleven EMS operators were presented with awards for their excellent work during 2014 at the 22 April EMS Cooperative General Assembly. This select group of award winners represents the pinnacle of EMS performance and EMS customer care.
The EMS Performance and EMS Customer Care Awards were presented by UPU Director General, Bishar A. Hussein and EMS Cooperative Board Chair, Patrick Richon.
EMS Performance Awards
Only EMS operators who meet the eligibility criteria’s prerequisites and meet the five key performance indicators set out in the EMS Cooperative’s Business Plan receive EMS Performance Awards. The level of performance expected is set high to recognize and reward exceptional international EMS delivery performance over a full year. The EMS performance award winners for 2014: 
  • GOLD - Azerbaijan; Hong Kong (China); Hungary; Saint Lucia and Singapore
  • SILVER - Moldova and Norway;  
  • BRONZE - Israel.
EMS Call Centre of the Year
EMS customer care awards reward operators that offer outstanding customer service, based on three groups: small, medium and large based on inbound inquiry volume. The best EMS call centres of the year 2014 are: Japan; United Arab Emirates and Poland.
Congratulations to the operators who all have demonstrated a commitment to providing customers with the best EMS service.
20 May 2015

EMS: a market-ready solution for the e-commerce marketplace 

Postal services are changing to meet customer needs. The continuous improvement of the EMS service to meet new marketplace demands was discussed by EMS operators from around the world at the 22 April General Assembly, held at the UPU headquarters in Switzerland.  
The EMS Cooperative strategy positions the EMS service as the preferred network for the growing business to consumer e-commerce market, providing customers what they need: date certain reliability through end-to-end service excellence and visibility.  The Future of EMS strategy, which was fully endorsed by the General Assembly, will provide the foundation for the EMS Cooperative Business Plan 2017-2020.
Mr Bishar A. Hussein, UPU Director General, addressed the meeting. He expressed his full support of the strategic direction: "EMS is an important delivery solution of the UPU’s ECOMPRO programme (E-Commerce Programme)…the EMS Cooperative is now working on new date-certain end-to-end delivery standards which will enable EMS to position itself as the preferred network for the growing e-commerce market."
Over 121 participants from 72 global operators also used the annual EMS Cooperative General Assembly to share their current successes in improving EMS as well as agreeing on the next steps needed to support the challenge of e-commerce.
6 May 2015

Dubai declaration on EMS, e-commerce and trade facilitation 

Representatives from the Arab region including postal operators, Customs, Airlines and the Universal Postal Union gathered for an EMS symposium on quality of service improvement, the supply chain and e-commerce development through EMS in the Arab region in March. 
The outcome of the EMS symposium was the adoption of the Dubai declaration on EMS, e-commerce and trade facilitation development. The declaration demonstrates the commitment to EMS by operators in the region and their ambition to respond to the growing e-commerce market to strengthen their service to customers. The declaration will be submitted to the Arab Postal Permanent Committee for approval and implementation at regional and national levels. 
In a message read out on the occasion, Mr. Bishar A. Hussein, Director General of UPU International Bureau, noted that e-commerce was opening up new opportunities and that the Arab region saw a 9% growth in EMS exports. All participants were working hard to maintain growth. They left the symposium with a shared vision on how they can develop further and respond to the growing e-commerce market in the Arab region.
Thanks to the Emirates Post Group who hosted the symposium in conjunction with the EMS Cooperative and France's La Poste.
20 April 2015

2014 EMS Call Centre of the Year

Excellent customer care is important to all EMS operators. To highlight this importance in 2006, the EMS Cooperative introduced the coveted EMS call centre of the year awards.

The winners of the awards are chosen by their EMS partners. They reward operators that offer outstanding customer service, based on three groups: small, medium and large based on inbound inquiry volume.

The results for the best EMS call centre of the year 2014 have just been announced. Congratulations to: 

Large group: Japan
Medium group: United Arab Emirates
Small group: Poland 
Since 2006, the following countries had been have been awarded for their excellent customer care: Azerbaijan, Finland, Germany, Hungary (x 3), Hong Kong (China), Japan (x 5), Macao (China), Poland, Russian Federation (x 2),  Senegal, Singapore (x 2), Spain (x 2), Sweden, Switzerland (x 2), Ukraine, United States of America and the United Arab Emirates. The awards offered an incentive for EMS Cooperative members to strive to improve and continue to develop their customer service. 
This is the final year for the existing award format, from 2015 there are new criteria for the awards. These new awards will build on existing high-standards but will include more robust measurements including quality performance indicators and cumulating in a new measurement: customer service response quality. 
The awards will be presented at the EMS Cooperative General Assembly in April.
8 April 2015

African managers agree strategy for EMS and e-commerce

In March, over 30 senior managers among 72 participants from 40 UPU country member countries gathered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for the 2015 Symposium in Africa: EMS and e-commerce to discuss growth strategies to meet changing customer needs, particularly for the growing African e-commerce market.

The three-day symposium included an overview of the UPU’s E-commerce Programme (ECOMPRO), devised to ensure UPU products meet the needs of the growing e-commerce marketplace. The UPU worked alongside the co-hosts PAPU, the African Union, and the host country Ethiopia.

As EMS is a market-ready solution for e-commerce customers, the focus of the symposium was on the increasingly competitive situation in Africa for international cross-border merchandise delivery and the strategies required to grow EMS in the region, which will ultimately contribute to regional economic development through the support of international trade.

All attendees agreed to the Addis Ababa Plan of Action for E-Commerce and EMS in Africa, a commitment to ensure e-commerce readiness by reaching EMS service performance targets through the implementation of EMS standards, Pay-for-performance and adoption of customs and transport framework agreements and best practices. Senior management from the posts left the Symposium energized and motivated to adopt best practices and ultimately increase the posts’ share of this growing market.

19 March 2015




Poste Italiane’s Export Box delivers huge growth for EMS

There has been a huge growth in EMS in Italy since the introduction of Export Box in 2012:

2013 – 63% volume increase
2014 – 55% increase.

Poste Italiane's Export Box was launched to meet the expectations of the growing cross border market by providing a service dedicated to International B2C. It uses simple technological solutions to support EMS; allowing customers to monitor and handle their international shipments.

Export Box uses the main EMS features, including home delivery or pick up at Post Office and distribution to more than 700,000 destinations worldwide. The service includes free return to sender; outbound customs clearance costs; real weight rates (no volume/ dimension weight rate); no surcharge for delivery to remote areas and no fuel surcharges.

Further development in 2013 was the launch of two web-based platforms for small enterprises and retailers, Pacco Web and IoInvio to allow the customer to choose the product, fill in the relevant paperwork, pay on-line, book a home pick-up or drop the shipment off to the nearest post office.

These improvements have produced excellent results and Poste Italiane continues working with their clients to improve the service. They are working to deliver enhanced features to provide an even more complete, accurate and competitive service. For further information (in Italian):

23 February 2015

Training on EMS for key account managers in Africa

The relationship with customers and the exploration of new markets, such as business to consumers, was the reason why the UPU marketing team worked with EMS to deliver training to support key account managers from French-speaking African UPU members.

Its strategic importance meant that the December workshop attracted managers and executives from sales, business development, product development as well as major account managers. The training included best practices from the EMS network. There was particular emphasis on Kenya’s experience which focused on retaining and growing EMS revenue through professional management of its top accounts.

EMS training always results in setting EMS action plans by EMS members and this practice was also adopted and used by all workshop participants. Directors General within each country will be asked to approve the action plans and the outcomes are expected to influence growth and develop new markets in the region.

2 February 2015

Record boost for express delivery in China sales

China’s 'Double 11 Shopping Festival' (also known as Singles Day) and Taobao Marketplace's big '12.12.' sales in 2014 generated record business for express delivery companies.

The Double 11 Shopping Festival was started by the internet retailer Alibaba in 2009, has now turned to be China’s busiest day for online retailers, shoppers and couriers. In 2014, a new sales record was set, with mobile sales accounting for 42.6% of total traffic share.

This was then followed by the '12.12' sale which offered large-scale discounts on a wide range of goods and services offered by SMEs on Taobao Marketplace.

'China Consumer Reports' launched a test activity during the 2014 'double 11'. They tested the nine biggest express companies in China, by sending 126 items among seven biggest cities in China. The result shows that EMS is the speediest express company in China, with most regulated and standardized package wrapping and price.

China EMS prepared in advance for the event: by temporarily opening more than 1,000 inter-provincial trunk lines, increasing six all-cargo aircrafts, and recruiting more people for delivery. Within the period from November 11 to 20 2014, 30 million items were processed and delivered, with the peak day of 7 million.

19 January 2015

New EMS label for a speedy customs clearance

A new label is available from 1 January 2015 to speed up customs processing and delivery of international express items.

Customers are looking for ways to easily send documents and parcels internationally as quickly as possible. In response to this, the EMS version of the CN23 customs declaration has been improved to help speed up customs clearance of EMS items.

The major change in the new label is the inclusion of both the sender and recipient details in a format that meets international requirements and uses one barcode identifier for all stages in the logistic chain. CN23 EMS label can be used: by postal operators sending the item; for copies provided to the sender; for accounting at origin and for Customs. It can also be used for the confirmation and proof-of-delivery requirements for the destination Post and the addressee.

The UPU’s EMS Cooperative will continue working in this area; improved understanding of the CN23 EMS will help speed up customs processing and the delivery of international express items for all EMS customers.

7 January 2015

Express mail delivers festive joy around the world

USPS deliveries on 25 DecemberDecember is peak season for the 200 posts offering high quality, cross-border EMS service for retailers, particularly those engaged in using e-commerce channels, as well as consumers that need to ensure their gifts reach friends and loved ones in time for holiday celebrations.  

Globally, volume is expected to peak in December with posts sending at least 17% more compared to the usual monthly volumes. To help with the seasonal rush many postal operators around the world are extending their opening hours.

The men and women working at posts from around the world are dedicated to ensuring they deliver reliable on-time service every time, every day, for everyone.

19 December 2014

Trends driving the global market favour EMS

EMS is in a great position to grow business share. It has qualities and attributes that all competitors envy: an infrastructure offering daily deliveries; a worldwide retail presence and a one-to-one relationship - a postal address - with every business and consumer in the world.

As a premium postal service, EMS is responding to the growth in the international e-commerce market and is in a strong position to address the changing needs of EMS customers, both private and business.

EMS Cooperative members, representing postal operators around the world, attended the October Future of EMS Strategic Workshop. They worked together to discuss the challenges facing the service, emerging with a  shared vision to position EMS to increase market share and yet still ensure that EMS is a premium product relative to other postal services.

Members can access the workshop presentations and summary:

10 December 2014