Projects and Activities

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Since 1998, the Cooperative has launched a number of initiatives to assist members to improve their EMS service, for instance:

The Audit and Measurement Programme
Through this programme, the EMS Cooperative measures the EMS performance of all postal administrations worldwide, whether or not they are a member of the EMS Cooperative. The audit results are published in quarterly and annual report cards, which only EMS Cooperative members receive. These report cards give members a powerful tool to enable them to control their own performance and compare their quality of service with that of other EMS operators.
Performance reviews
To help members improve their quality of service, the EMS Cooperative carries out on-site performance reviews aimed at diagnosing operational problems and recommending workable solutions.
EMS symposiums for senior management
In 2011, the EMS Cooperative introduced a strategic platform for member senior management to discuss the future of EMS and share market development strategies and best practices. In 2015, over 219 senior managers contributed to five cross-border e-commerce symposiums hosted for all regions. In 2016, three EMS market development strategy symposiums for senior management will have been completed for the Europe, Caribbean and Asia-Pacific regions.

EMS Training
A training programme for EMS Cooperative members which focuses on improving managerial knowledge of EMS operations, performance improvement and customer care. Training workshops are tailored to meet members' needs.

Furthermore, within the framework of the the TRAINPOST distance-learning programme, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) offers the participating trainees an several important on-line courses in the programme. One of them is on the 'Express Mail Service (EMS)'.

Customer Service System, Rugby–GlobalCSS, for international EMS inquiries
Cooperative members have access to this Internet-based system, which provides an efficient and effective means of communication between other service departments. Rugby–GlobalCSS substantially reduces communication costs and improves EMS call centre service to customers.

The EMS Cooperative's ‘EMS Customer Care Award’ takes place every year. The purpose of this award is to recognize high quality replies and requests sent through the system.

EMS Operational Guide and online database
The EMS Operational Guide details all postal organizations offering an EMS service and also the delivery agents recommended by the Cooperative. All UPU members can access the EMS Operational Guide online with an EMS website password (request for password form).

In addition, the online update offers the possibility to add further information on several areas, including the query mode which allows users to query specific information for selected EMS Operators. 

EMS website
Members have exclusive access to the full EMS Cooperative website.
EMS Standard Agreement
The purpose of this Agreement is to establish terms and conditions, including detailed regulations which shall entirely govern the exchange of EMS items between the EMS operators who have signed it. This agreement is aimed at replacing bilateral framework agreements. The relationships of all signatory EMS operators will be governed by the agreement.
OAG Cargo Flights System
Only members have free access to online flight information through the Internet to assist in route planning.
EMS Performance Award
On the basis of the Audit and Measurement Programme results, Cooperative members that achieve high levels of delivery performance are recognized by Gold, Silver and Bronze EMS Performance Awards. EMS Cooperative members achieving the highest delivery performance are recorded in the EMS Hall of Fame.
EMS Pay-for-performance Plan
The Plan is a system of basing payment on performance rewards for EMS Cooperative members who provide a satisfactory delivery service.

EMS regional coordination
The EMS Regional Coordinators within the EMS Unit provide and organize assistance to members in the regions for sustainable improvement of EMS performance.The assistance is provided in accordance with the objectives and strategies set for the development of EMS through:

  • analysis and improvement of EMS performance,
  • planning, coordinating and monitoring of improvement projects, and
  • communications/information sharing.
EMS Cooperative meetings
Members have the opportunity to share their views on EMS and the direction of the EMS Cooperative at its annual General Assembly and workshops.